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Welcome to the Art Show.

With tired eyes and inspired hearts, we genuinely wish to welcome you to the launch of the new Yvette Moore Gallery website.  Yvette and Sarah had a dream: to bring as much of the experience of walking through the grand doors of the Gallery to the screen.  And furthermore, to motivate the desire to visit the Gallery and see it all in its three-dimensional wonder.  With an endless flow of beautifully unique pieces of art arriving continuously, this is no small task.

What you will see here is the work of Yvette Moore along with carefully created pages of the work of 32 other of Western Canada’s finest artisans.  From a canvas masterpiece; to a clay sculpted vase made of antlers; to a plasma cut wheelbarrow; to a dog made of gadgets and gizmos; to a lovingly hand created toy—you can find it all here.

Many, many, many conversations were had about the purpose of our website and showcasing a world of “one of a kind” in an evolving manner.  The impossibility of an ‘Add to Cart’ website has always been clear to us.  What wonder and magic that exists in a uniquely created piece of art, exists in that piece alone – but it is not to say another creation cannot come to life.  You will find pieces on our artists’ pages that are sold, but there is always the possibility of another piece being closely replicated in its own individual way.   We have put these pieces on our artists page as a display of the talent, the imagination, and the variety of creativity they are gifted with and continue to delight us with.

What does this mean if you see a piece, but it is not currently in store?  Reach out to us and let us help make it happen.  We work closely with all our artists and our customers to get the art you love into your home.

One of the greatest gifts of this whole process was learning.  Not only on a technical level, but about who we are and why we do what we do.  We love what exists behind the art, and even for us, we experienced it in a way we did not know we had yet to.  What is really important to us is to focus on the artist behind the art, and the hands that bring to life what begins as a simple thought.  Throughout this journey to introduce our artists to the world, we met them all over again.

During an unprecedented time, Tourism Saskatchewan granted us support that brought us here.  Our gratitude is beyond measure.

To our very patient leaders, Andrew and Kristen and the team at Island:  Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.  Your guidance and teaching; brilliance and delivery; patience and tolerance will forever be gratefully appreciated.  You turned two technologically impaired gals with a dream into pretend and self-proclaimed web afficionados.  Over a year ago, you sat on the phone and listened to a chaotic brainstorm of ideas that together, we have all passionately streamlined into the vision we never could have gained focus on without your genius.

And to Garrett at King Rose Visuals:  You are a magician, and a master.  You took an idea that was lit in our minds and you set it on fire.  You gave our ambitious dream life beyond what we knew was possible.  We do hope to get an invite to the Oscar Party.

Every day, we are so proud to share the stories of our artists, their works, their passions, our building, our city, our food, our ‘everything’.  Please enjoy our ‘everything’ as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you.

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore

If you would have asked a young Sarah where she would end up, Moose Jaw may not have been the answer back then.

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