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Ken Lyle

Ken Lyle was born in Shelburne, Nova Scotia.  Having moved to Moose Jaw at the age of five, Ken continued visiting his Atlantic home throughout his teen years and was able to experience life in both provinces.

Before Ken begins creating his treasured pieces, he sees something new out of something old.  Coming from a creative family, Ken was bound for an artistic journey.  With a mother that paints, writes and designs houses; a grandfather that spent his spare time and retirement in a woodworking shop; a great-aunt who painted; and a step-father that Ken helped build and finish their family home, imagination was always abound in Ken’s life.

Ken credits his creative eye to his mother, who always had a remarkable sense of home decor.  Ken’s mother designed window fronts for stores, and  today designs homes that are featured in magazines.  His own eye for detail and unique craftsmanship comes from seeing what makes a space stand out – and what that one-of-a kind detail can do to change a room’s character.

From home decor to houses themselves, Ken has always kept busy in the world of construction.  Ken lent his skills to the the construction and decor of local pub, Cask 82 – which involved the use of old doors and timber to lend to its unique and characteristic ambience.


When someone asks Ken to build them something, not only does he want to build it, but wants to build it better than they themselves could even imagine. Sometimes at night, Ken is awakened by a vision of something to create and eagerly wants to build it and bring the pieces in his mind to life. What usually comes from such a stirring artistic image most often becomes that one-of-a kind accent piece to delight any home or space.


Many people can follow directions and plans.

It is very rare to look at something and say, “I can make this into something new.”

– Ken Lyle: The Beard behind the Creativity.


Enjoy this creative catalogue of work by Beard Branded Decor..

As unique, one-of-a kind art pieces, guaranteed availability may not be immediate.  Art items that appear without a price are currently not available in store.

Please contact Yvette Moore Gallery and we will work with our artists to recreate similar custom pieces.

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