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 I love glass!


I am fascinated by the rich history of glass and the variety of technique that have been used by artisans for thousands of years to create a broad range of pieces that can be functional or aesthetic in nature or both.  I love the spontaneity and unexpected in creating and pushing the boundaries of what I know glass to be able to do.

But, it was the moment when the kiln lid was opened for the first time and I saw the transformation that had occurred during the melting process that began my journey as a glass artist.

That transformation of fragile pieces of glass that had been broken and ground and then melted into something new, strong, and beautiful was to me spiritual and representative of our human journey.

Born and raised in Moose Jaw but now residing in Saskatoon, Sheryl has been creating and exploring all facets of the arts her entire life. Her first explorations were devoted to careers in dance, theatre and music education. As an arts educator for over 20 years, she has shared her passion for the arts with children and youth all over the province.

Her personal studio work is focused on the exploration of both fused glass, encaustic painting and mixed media.

In 2017, Sheryl completed the USCAD program receiving a Certificate of Arts and Design but it was the fused glass classes taught by Lee Brady that really excited her and inspired her to continue to take workshops in a variety of fused glass

techniques. Sheryl is currently incorporating glass powder, vitrograph and metal inclusions into her designs and was very excited to recently attend an intensive workshop exploring enamels with Marguerite Beneke  from South Africa.

Inspired by the natural world and drawn to organic use of line and shape, Sheryl enjoys creating both functional pieces and glass art, combining techniques and constantly testing the boundaries and endless possibilities of glass.

Enjoy this creative catalogue of work by Sheryl Salen.

As unique, one-of-a kind art pieces, selection is ever-changing and guaranteed availability may not be immediate.  Art items that appear without a price are currently not available in store.  Yvette Moore Gallery and our artists work closely together to recreate custom creations.

Call (306) 693-7600 or text (306) 527-7257 for a virtual viewing of current options and availability.

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