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Marlene Dyck and her son, Shaun Dyck have shared a passion for pottery for years.  Together, they work out of the same pottery studio creating works that in many ways are similar but still have their own unique style.  The influence that Marlene’s techniques have instilled in the style of her work will continue on for another generation as Shaun develops his own creations.

Marlene Dyck

Marlene was born and raised in southern Manitoba. Having always been passionate to make things by hand, Marlene loves creating pieces that find their way into thousands of homes to be enjoyed and used. Marlene is for the most part self-taught, aside from training with Alvin Pauls—a great potter from Winnipeg. Developing and practicing her unique talent, Marlene’s intricate pieces of pottery have been shown in galleries and unique gift stores in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Marlene is a member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council and continues to show pieces at art and craft shows around Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Shaun Dyck

Born in Altona, Manitoba, Shaun has grown up with pottery surrounding him. As the son of successful potter, Marlene Dyck, every residence Shaun has known has exhibited blurred lines of living space and a pottery studio. Surrounded by the medium, Shaun’s innate talent has continually been prompted by his mother who has potted for roughly thirty years.

Never having been formally trained, Shaun is self-taught and has learned by doing. Shaun attended University of Winnipeg, studying humanities for nine years. This formal education indirectly brought him back to what he truly knew and has resonating influences on his style. Influences of the angular, geometric nature of the work inspire his individual wares that are on one hand designed and reproducible and on the other hand, possess a simple character that is uniquely their own.

Shaun sells and shows his work throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan and into Ontario. Shaun is a member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council.

Unfortunately, Marlene and Shaun have been unable to produce pottery since their house fire back in February 2021. Through rebuilding, their gas kiln was unable to pass re-inspection. They now have a new kiln and are waiting for its hook-up and re-inspection.  They have continued to make their works and once the kiln passes inspection, they will be firing them.  Soon after, we will be receiving a delivery and our shelves will be stocked up once again.

It’s in the works… Coming soon.

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