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Ladd Fogarty is a retired Art Teacher who has always had a passion for helping youth discover their potential as artists and has dedicated his retirement to creating artworks in a variety of media. He studied drawing, painting and ceramics as a young man, always encouraged by his grandmother to express himself any way that he could. His mother was a trained vocal artist and his father, a cabinetmaker by trade, who introduced him to woodturning.


Early in his teaching career Ladd became very interested in creating with stained glass and later became acknowledged for his landscape painting but he was always drawn back to working with wood. Primarily self taught he became more inspired with woodturning by creating uniquely styled vessels emphasizing the beauty of pieces collected from northern Saskatchewan and passed on to him by his father as they shared a passion for the wood.


Recently Ladd has been doing much detailed work on the surface of vessels he creates by inlaying semi-precious stone and glass, carving and burning designs on the surface, piercing edges of the forms and occasionally using the vessel surface as a canvas to paint on.

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“When I begin the creative process I look forward to the challenge of making something beautiful. I choose to represent ‘place’ as it is experienced and as it is remembered, always considering the characteristics of light on the painted, carved or inlaid surface.”


“Each painting, wood vessel, clay object or glasswork gives me the opportunity to share my way of experiencing our world. I am blessed when others enjoy my work. This is the most satisfying part of the creative process.”

– Ladd Fogarty

As a Saskatchewan Craft Council member, Ladd has displayed and sold works in many art and craft shows throughout the province but currently only accepts commissions and has works in galleries close to home.


Enjoy this creative catalogue of work by Ladd Fogarty.

As unique, one-of-a kind art pieces, guaranteed availability may not be immediate.  Art items that appear without a price are currently not available in store.

Please contact Yvette Moore Gallery and we will work with our artists to recreate similar custom pieces.

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