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Our Story

When artist, Yvette Moore purchased the former Land Titles Office to house her growing art career, and collection she saw an opportunity to collaborate the talents of herself but also create a destination for other artisans to display their works on a year round showcase.

In a time when Tourism was starting to take flight in Moose Jaw with the successful construction of the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa and the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, the city became a destination hot spot for not only the Saskatchewan market, but also neighbouring provinces and states. The quaint charm and historic beauty of the downtown core, along with a host of other intriguing attractions continues today to make Moose Jaw a place that makes people want to come back to time after time.

The role of Yvette Moore Gallery and our team has been to act as ambassadors for our city, our assets and menu of products and services we offer. This strategic alliance has elevated the potential for all patrons, retailers, operators and services.

As one of the Saskatchewan’s most premier shopping destinations, Yvette Moore Gallery continues to focus on strengthening the values, products and offerings upon which its enviable reputation has been founded for its almost 23-year history: exclusivity, quality, made in Canada, handcrafted craftsmanship, and amalgamating the representation of the art community with the business community. Upon the talents of our team, Yvette Moore Gallery is able to claim a unique duality in its brand positioning pairing realism art with modernity and heritage, innovation and craftsmanship, and a showcase of life filled with art that is tangible to everyone. Every product of art inspired within the exquisite detailing of the Gallery is a reflection of hard work, precision and an inspiration of beauty from our natural surroundings.

Servicing the industry of corporate and personal gifting, Yvette Moore Gallery offers a detailed and comprehensive gifting service for anyone in the market to reward employees, engage and motivate teams, highlight achievements or simply to celebrate key milestones in any and all relationships in their lives.

For a company founded on “attention to detail” we can say we work hard each and every day to continually achieve this throughout every act of business we partake in. Whether it be an exquisite event hosted within the walls of the Gallery, a beautifully wrapped package that speaks elegance and quality, or just simply a visit to the Gallery that leaves you in awe of the solid craftsmanship and history all around you. Our landmark building, our exclusive and quality products and our team built by a family legacy, all exemplify our values and mission to offer our customers a lifestyle of quality, handcrafted products, services and experiences that will endure the test of time.

Our Team

Yvette Moore

Artist / Owner

Toolkit, Paintbrush, Medals of Honour, co-piloting Snowbird Planes….if there is one thing that Yvette hasn’t yet mastered…just ask her and she will probably add it to her bucket list. Yvette’s mantra to “Learn to Do by Doing”…plays out in all aspects of her business….and as you will soon see in her children as well. There isn’t an area of the Gallery that she doesn’t or hasn’t had her hand in. She has created a full service art gallery that is all inclusive of all things handcrafted and inspired by our heritage, history and natural beauty of our land.

Sarah Moore

Creative Director

If you would have asked a young Sarah where she would end up, Moose Jaw may not have been the answer back then.  After completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English at University of Regina, the draw back home just kept getting stronger.  With many worldly travels gratefully enjoyed, there was something about Moose Jaw and what can be found here and nowhere else in the world that could not be ignored.

As the biggest fan of the Art of Yvette Moore, it is not hard to share the legacy and the stories with all that come through the doors.  Taking the helm of managing The Gallery Café; Sales, Marketing and Communications; and whatever job needs done on any particular day – every day is as unique as the art itself.

Always an avid storyteller, Sarah passionately shares the stories of every extraordinary part that makes up Yvette Moore Gallery.  From each piece of art that decorate the walls and the shelves and the artist behind them, to the remarkable story of turning a 1910 building into a world class art gallery, to every recipe that finds itself to be a craved favourite, it is no “job” at all when you share what you love.

Tyler Moore

Custom Picture Framing

Tyler’s attention to detail to say the least is exactly bang on target. An accomplished and elite national archery shooter in his spare time, Tyler’s accuracy and precision for the finest finish on all of his custom frames creates the perfect symmetry of beauty with all work he creates. As the exclusive in house framing specialist to the Gallery, he has developed a strong following of clients who simply want the best on their art, that ultimately will last for years to come.

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