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Asude Acan was born and raised in Turkey – a land where two continents connect.  She was a practicing dietician and nutritionist in her professional career, but she has always been an artist at heart. Asude excelled in many art forms ranging from painting to fiber & fabric arts, notably for this exhibit: crochet/connecting art. She has been trained and inspired by the rich traditions of many Turkish, European and Canadian artists, observing different cultures and the creativity that surrounds her everywhere.


Asude means “calm” and like her name she finds peace and calm in Saskatoon with her family since 2017: a place she calls home. She wishes the pieces that she makes will make a meaningful connection with her audience – through art, through cultures and experiences.

Asude uses a 50% cotton and 50% acrylic mix thread to create her toys. Often difficult to find, the thread Asude uses for correct thickness and quality has to be shipped in from other countries around the world; such as Turkey or Denmark.

The intricate detail and time consuming care put into each of these whimsical creations often take Asude one to two days of lengthy detailed work.  Each hand created toy is a labour of love and joy – to be shared with the young, and the young at heart.

Enjoy this creative catalogue of work by Linden and Lemon.

As unique, one-of-a kind art pieces, selection is ever-changing and guaranteed availability may not be immediate.  Art items that appear without a price are currently not available in store.  Yvette Moore Gallery and our artists work closely together to recreate custom creations.

Call (306) 693-7600 or text (306) 527-7257 for a virtual viewing of current options and availability.

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