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Monika Kinner is a professional artist specializing in freestyle embroidery. Her creations are expressions of love for the prairie and originate from her personal photographs and experiences of Saskatchewan. She is constantly amazed at the texture and intricate beauty that can be achieved when working with threads. Self-taught in needle arts, drawing, and photography, she has been practicing and exploring a combination of these disciplines full time since 2009.


A very positive public response to her work has gained her exhibition invitations, awards, media attention, teaching & public speaking opportunities, as well as commissions locally, nationally, and internationally.

“I am excited to continue my work as I see my skills and art improve with each new piece.”


Monika is a juried member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council and a former member of the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada. Her award winning work is cherished in private collections around the world including Canada, the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Western and Eastern Europe as well as South America.


Monika Kinner continues her textile work, and has recently expanded in 2018 to include the medium of soft pastel paintings. She lives in Saskatoon.


“Because each moment on the prairie is in constant transformation with light and movement, I spend a lot of my creative time capturing things I love with my camera and bringing it back into my home studio.  I will look deeper into the images and continue to discover subtle surprises and new compositions that will make their way into my sketchbooks. Sometimes I am ready to stitch immediately.  Other times I will sketch out an altered version of the scene.  More challenging pieces will have me drawing out the entire composition with soft pastels or coloured pencils to understand how I would approach the elements in the piece with stitch.”

“I begin by selecting background fabrics; usually one for the sky and one or two for the land. Then I stitch, using a technique known as free-motion machine embroidery, where I manually move the cloth under the running sewing machine needle in order to create my own stitches.  I will change threads often like a painter dips the brush into a new colour, to achieve the look I need.  I stitch directionally, emulating fine brush strokes or pencil lines with my thread.”

— Monika Kinner


Enjoy this creative catalogue of work by Monika Kinner.

As unique, one-of-a kind art pieces, guaranteed availability may not be immediate.

Art items that appear without a price are currently not available in store.


Please contact Yvette Moore Gallery and we will work with our artists to recreate similar custom pieces.

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