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Creating this Website

Creating this website felt like creating a work of art – and that is exactly what we feel this website has become as we share the stories of Yvette Moore, her family and all the artisans we showcase in our incredible historical building. Take your time as you browse through all the pages and especially the videos of 11 of our artisans as they welcome us all into their studios and display the passion of what makes them create their works, tell their stories. With the support of Tourism Saskatchewan, we feel that we have accomplished what we were striving for – to educate our viewers about the creative space that our artisans live and breath in as they passionately hand make their works of art.


Jim Nodge is a first and last generation farmer from the Craik area. His art has evolved from his inability to part with much of his busted farm machinery and a desire to spend time in the welding shop without doing any actual work.

With the welder, he has managed to combine old tools, farm parts, and various bits of junk metal together to build his creatures:  big and small.  For the last 18 years, he has exhibited and sold his work across Western Canada.

The Ultimate Goal:

clean the place up;

make some money;

and most of all,

to make people smile.


“I like doing this sort of work because it’s a lot more fun than having to do regular work.  For instance, I can take a pair of pliers that I have to use for “work” but I spend my time looking at the pliers and I see the lovely shapes; the sculptured part; I see it open and close its mouth.  So, I see art in that, rather than what is supposed to be done: which is hard work.”

-Jim Nodge

Enjoy this creative catalogue of work by Jim Nodge.

As unique, one-of-a kind art pieces, selection is ever-changing and guaranteed availability may not be immediate.  Art items that appear without a price are currently not available in store.  Yvette Moore Gallery and our artists work closely together to recreate custom creations.

Call (306) 693-7600 or text (306) 527-7257 for a virtual viewing of current options and availability.

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