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Winter on the farm

Customer Inquiry:  (it takes some ideas going back and forth before the last one is the best idea for a painting)

“I would like a type of wheat field in the foreground and a wooden fence as well.  

There are many views of the sweetgrass hills but this is the one East of my hometown Milk River looking south towards Montana.

There is also a wonderful abandoned house on one of our properties that I will ask my brother to take a photo of with the hills in the background if you think that would make a good painting as well.

I was down at the farm and tried to get a good photo of the hills from my farm and they’re actually pretty far away.  But i have this photo that I love – it’s hoar frost on an old wheel at the front of the farm yard.  Is this something you could paint?


– Charene

Acrylic on Canvas 2021

Canvas Size     H 18″ x W 24″

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Creating this painting for Charene was truly an adventure in detail.  Just about every inch of the canvas required hours of painting – but that’s what made it so interesting.  The contrast between the weathered wood of the fence, the wagon wheel and the stones against white of the snow and its shadows created a work of art that stood out with very little colour.  This scene is very typical of old farmyards in the winter time – what is old is still very picturesque.

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