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Creating this Website

Creating this website felt like creating a work of art – and that is exactly what we feel this website has become as we share the stories of Yvette Moore, her family and all the artisans we showcase in our incredible historical building. Take your time as you browse through all the pages and especially the videos of 11 of our artisans as they welcome us all into their studios and display the passion of what makes them create their works, tell their stories. With the support of Tourism Saskatchewan, we feel that we have accomplished what we were striving for – to educate our viewers about the creative space that our artisans live and breath in as they passionately hand make their works of art.



It’s the deep of winter and Canada’s Snowbirds are practicing at Mossbank airfield.  The 9 Plane is running on for a Big Diamond Loop from the east.  In each cockpit, the pilots are focused on their references and parameters.  Outside, by the quonset hut, the camera operator has fought his way through the snow-covered access road and is now in position filming the team’s practice.  At their home base, in Moose Jaw, the technicians are huddled inside the hangar after ensuring each jet has been checked and re-checked before the flight.  They await the familiar roar of the formation’s Snowbird pitch on runway 29 Right announcing their arrival and the need for more fuel, oil and diesel to prepare for the afternoon’s sortie.

Years of dreams, months of preparation and hours of briefings have led the new members to this point.  The new show is coming together.  Five times a week, two, sometimes three missions a day.  Looping, rolling, rejoining.  Never symmetrical enough, too wide or not enough G.

Standing tall as aerial ambassadors to Canada, the Snowbirds thrill and inspire millions throughout North America.  Representing Canada’s men and women in uniform, each squadron member proudly and humbly strives for excellence daily.

The hangar doors close.  The mission has been debriefed.  The airplanes have been towed in.  The paperwork in complete.  Tomorrow we’ll do better.  The Pursuit of Perfection.

– Capt. M. Rusconi

Available as:

495 S/N Limited Edition Print $80.00 each
Image Size: H 15″ x W 20″
Framed beginning at $200.00 each


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