the farm

Customer Inquiry:

“We are from Saskatchewan and have some pictures of my husband’s family farm that would be great to have painted.  I was hoping for something similar to Above and Beyond with the sky portion of it being very similar except with their farmhouse and barn or possibly the shop picture with the equipment.”

–  Jennie

Acrylic on Canvas 2020

Canvas Size    H 24″ x W 16″

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This painting evolved through the amazing transfer of photos, emails and texts.  This inquiry came from Jennie who lives in North Carolina but who had been born and raised in Saskatchewan.  The painting was a gift for her husband, Jason, who had grown up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan.

Recreating the scene in the painting started with old black and white photos that had seen some changes over the years.  With the help of his family that still resided near the farm, more photos were taken using drones.  By using what used to be and what was there now, I was able to create this painting that brought back memories for Jason and his family.

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