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Mercury Blues

Inquiry from Barb – a gift for her husband, Roland for Christmas.

One day Barb said to Roland “I would love to get a painting of your MERCURY with us and where I lived when we got married. We had talked about tearing down the old house. That’s when I decided I would have it made for him for Xmas.”

The meaning behind the painting:  Roland had this car when Barb met him. He had just come home from 3 months of work in ZAMA. Alta.

He was going down the street in Radville. He had Milwaukee mufflers with Straight  Pipes on it. They sounded really cool. Barb asked her friend who he was as he was new in town. Her friend replied that he was her cousin from here. Barb then said that Roland had a hot looking car. That night there was a dance so that is where they met with a little help from her friend.

Roland & Barb always said they wished that they could afford to keep the car. It had so much meaning to them both. They had it when they first met, when they got married and all the trips home from High Level. It was so SPECIAL to both of them.

Acrylic on Canvas 2018

Canvas Size     H 18″ x D 24″


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This painting was pieced together from many black and white photos along with photos of what remained of the house in 2018.  Many of the details with the house were of Barb’s memories from growing up in the house.

Recreating the car from an old photograph was a challenge on its own.  Finding a car like it was not easy in order to get the smallest of details in order to paint it.  It was only because of a car show at 15 Wing Moose Jaw where I was able to find and photograph a restored 1964 Mercury Marander that I was successful.

Barb’s comments:

“I’m so happy with the painting – it’s beautiful & so many details. It’s like still having them here. Every time I look at the painting.  Thanks again for making it.”

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