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Hat Number Two

A midget hockey team is on the road home after a tough playoff loss. It’s already a late night and tomorrow’s responsibilities will come early. The bus rolls into the hometown and pulls up to the rink. The team manager is the last off the bus as he cleans up the remaining bits of garbage left by the boys. He says a brief thank you to the bus driver and heads into the empty dressing room where he unloads the jerseys and water bottles – hanging each jersey as though it were a regal garment. He shuts off the lights and heads home. Crawling into bed, he thinks to himself, “The morning is coming too soon.” He closes his eyes for what seems like just a few minutes. All too soon the shrill shriek of the emergency fire phone awakens him and he bolts out the door. The bitter January cold hits his face. Hat ‘Number Two’ cradles his head as he climbs into the fire truck. They must protect this farm. “We’ve got this, boys,” he cries out and he was right; the farmyard was saved! Another building is preserved by the local volunteer fire department. Time to pack up and go home. But home suddenly became a different place for the man who wore two hats. Hat ‘Number Two’ was forever retired that night…

Flash forward 10 years later. A midget hockey team in that same prairie town is finishing a hard practice. Coach calls the boys to center ice and hands an old, ratty fire helmet to a young, red-faced hockey player. “This helmet may look old and battered to you but it means so much more. It symbolizes a life of teamwork, service and faith. The man who wore this helmet dedicated his life to helping and serving others. Our team is not only about scoring goals and winning games but becoming young men of character – demonstrated through teamwork, service and faith.” The coach looks down at the player now holding the helmet. “You displayed this before us today.” From that point on, after each practice, the players selected a teammate who best represented all that the helmet symbolized- the characteristics, values and qualities of the man who wore Hat Number Two.

Written by Karlene Benallick (Royden Taylor’s daughter)
June 28, 2018

Canvas Giclées are available in 24″ x 16″ image size and are only available framed.

The price is based on the size of the giclée and the frame chosen.

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The selection and price of each piece can vary as they are ever-changing.

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An Yvette Moore Giclee Print image is generated from a high resolution digital scan of the original painting and is printed with archival quality inks onto canvas or watercolour paper. The canvas is acid-free with a varnish finish designed for long-term, fade resistant fine art. The watercolour paper is made of 100% cotton linters with traditional matte finish also designed for long term, fade-resistant reproductions.

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