first practice

It’s an early Saturday morning and the start of a new family chapter for this young father.  He’s grown up in the rink with his own dad, family, and friends that have become extended family all sharing the same joy and love of a game that seems synonymous with being a Canadian.

For years, this little boy has slept with his hockey stick awaiting this day, and now it’s time to let his dreams take to the ice.  His dad almost has his laces just right and the little boy is intent on not missing a thing.  The moment he steps onto the ice, it all begins.  The fundamentals of his “First Practice” will be the foundation for what is to come, and the friendships and memories will be cherished forever.  It is these moments, that we hold so dear.

Framed Art Card  – H 10.5″ x W 12″

Framed with Double White Mats and V-groove with your choice of either Black or Brown Frame.

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