first one up

When asked to create a rural scene that carried an agricultural representation and union between our generation of youth and our ancestors, Yvette decided to create what was reminiscent of her first memories growing up on the farm. Although there was always work to be done, there was always fun to be had with imagination and the wonderment of the land. In celebration of the fifth image in The Little Miracles Collection, Yvette created an image that celebrates many firsts of her own. On this very land is where Yvette’s own First Steps were taken; where her First Lessons were taught; and where she drew the inspiration for her First Masterpiece. The rolling hills that challenged the First One Up carry on between generations as Ireland, Yvette’s granddaughter, enjoys a familiar game. Looking on, not far behind, Yvette relives her own beloved memories through new generations and those precious first moments.

Framed Art Card  – H 10.5″ x W 12″

Framed with Double White Mats and V-groove with your choice of either Black or Brown Frame.

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