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Creating this Website

Creating this website felt like creating a work of art – and that is exactly what we feel this website has become as we share the stories of Yvette Moore, her family and all the artisans we showcase in our incredible historical building. Take your time as you browse through all the pages and especially the videos of 11 of our artisans as they welcome us all into their studios and display the passion of what makes them create their works, tell their stories. With the support of Tourism Saskatchewan, we feel that we have accomplished what we were striving for – to educate our viewers about the creative space that our artisans live and breath in as they passionately hand make their works of art.


Eva’s Popcorn Stand

For almost 50 years, Eva’s Popcorn Stand served as one of the oldest running businesses in the Radville Area.  From the day Eva and Harold McNaught started the Popcorn Stand in 1947, Eva became known as the “Popcorn Lady” serving to thousands of very loyal customers of all ages.  Every spring, children anxiously looked forward to Eva opening her doors again for the season.  Whether it was a quick bike ride, walk, or ride in from the country, it was always a special treat to go and visit Eva and her family at the Popcorn Stand on Main Street in Radville, Saskatchewan.

Unfortunately, Eva closed her doors in 1994.  As the smell of Eva’s Popcorn lingered through the streets of Radville that drew crowds day after day, memories of both her and her fresh hot popcorn and candy remain in the hearts of the those young and old who visited and fondly remember the days of “Eva’s Popcorn Stand”.

One of Yvette’s most popular Limited Edition Reproductions has become a Giclée Reproduction.  With the changes in reproducing artwork that have occurred over the years, Eva’s Popcorn Stand is now available on canvas and watercolour.

Canvas Giclées are available in 20″ x 16″, 24″ x 19″ or 30″ x 24″ image size and are only available framed.

Watercolour Giclées are available in 20″ x 16″ or 24″ x 19″ image size and are only available framed.

The price is based on the size of the giclée and the frame chosen.




Send an Inquiry

The selection and price of each piece can vary as they are ever-changing.

Please call (306) 693-7600 or text (306) 527-7257 for a virtual catalogue of current options and availability.



An Yvette Moore Giclee Print image is generated from a high resolution digital scan of the original painting and is printed with archival quality inks onto canvas or watercolour paper. The canvas is acid-free with a varnish finish designed for long-term, fade resistant fine art. The watercolour paper is made of 100% cotton linters with traditional matte finish also designed for long term, fade-resistant reproductions.

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