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Checking it Twice

“If you have ever had the pleasure of making Roger Dickson’s acquaintance, it is quite possible your childlike belief was awakened.  We all have that shared moment as a child when we found out that the jolly old man in red was simply folklore, and the magic of belief was shaken.  In the presence of Roger Dickson, that loss of belief warrants a second thought.

In 2016, Yvette Moore was celebrating her 25th Anniversary of the highly anticipated holiday event, Christmas in October.  The occasion demanded something special to captivate the holiday magic that for so many years, drove the event to continued popularity.  The essence of Yvette’s success exists in her capacity to evoke a memory—with the stroke of a brush.  For Yvette, the answer was simple:  Santa Clause.  The embodiment of belief, magic, and holiday spirit was the obvious choice.  Lucky for Yvette, she happened to have him on call.

Years and years before, a family wedding two nights before Christmas introduced Roger to the Moore family.  The uncanny resemblance of everyone’s favourite Christmas character did not go unnoticed and he was approached to find a red suit, and delight guests with wonderment.  Roger himself described this as the moment it all snowballed from there.  Hardly a season has passed since that Roger and his red suit has not been a part of the holidays for the Moore family and business.

For Yvette, her paintings are meant to capture a moment in time—immortalize a memory that provokes something in the minds and hearts of her audience.  Roger and his red suit did just that for Yvette personally and it seemed only fitting to share the joy it has brought her and her family.

Roger was called and soon after—before the season even began—his red suit was on and he was to be the subject of Yvette’s new painting, “Checking it Twice.”  Ironically enough, this is how Roger would describe the experience as an artistic subject.  On several occasions, Roger was called in for Yvette to have a better look at his eyes; his hands; every hair in that trademark beard.  When Roger was called in to see the finished product he explains his reaction as being hard to describe: “I get my picture taken all the time, but how many people get their picture painted?  It is something that will be there for such a long time.”

– Sarah Moore

Giclée on Watercolour Paper

Available in 12″ x 12″ image size.

Giclees are only available framed. The price is based on the size of the giclée and the frame chosen.


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The selection and price of each piece can vary as they are ever-changing.

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The original piece has since been sold; and definitely not without its noticeable absence on the walls of Yvette Moore Gallery.  Children and adults of all ages would be drawn to this image, and the amazement that crossed their faces was hard to miss.  It was almost as if you could hear their thoughts wonder, maybe, just maybe he really is real…

The popularity of the image has prompted different means to share the magic of this image.  Pillows, ornaments, and notepads have made it possible to share in the splendor of this image for years and years to come.  When asked what he thinks of the success of the image, Roger is astonished: “I’m just me.”  But to everyone else, he is that wondrous part of Christmas, that makes you believe in magic.

  • Sarah Moore

An Yvette Moore Giclee Print image is generated from a high resolution digital scan of the original painting and is printed with archival quality inks onto canvas or watercolour paper. The canvas is acid-free with a varnish finish designed for long-term, fade resistant fine art. The watercolour paper is made of 100% cotton linters with traditional matte finish also designed for long term, fade-resistant reproductions.

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