Butler’s Fish & Chips

Located in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan, this popular family owned & operated cafe by the Butler family entertained guests from 1928 till 2008. From generation to generation, the Butler Family shared a similar pride in passing down their own special recipes and dedication to serving their customers. They also adapted and maintained the original furnishings and nostalgic flair that this restaurant is known for as much as their fish & chips.

Customers filled the front steps, booths and stools inside anxiously awaiting the arrival of their order or wait to hear their name for their fix of “Butlers Fish & Chips”. No longer in the Butler family, the new owners have continued the traditions under the new name of BLUE BIRD CAFE.

Canvas Giclées are available in 12″ x 15″ image size and are only available framed.

Watercolour Giclées are available in 17″ x 14.5″ image size and are only available framed.

The price is based on the size of the giclée and the frame chosen.

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