Born, raised, and married into farm life at Young, Saskatchewan, Sandy Christensen has always used her love of clay to honour the people she sees around her.

The farmers and town folk of rural Saskatchewan, their perseverance, humour and affection, are her inspiration. She is now retired to Watrous and a part of its vibrant arts community including the Spirit of Manitou Studio Trail. Any day, anywhere, there is always an abundance of subjects to capture.

Primarily self taught, Sandy has taken sculpture classes from Carole McLean and Kevin Quinlan. She earned a Certificate from the U of S College of Arts and Sciences Community Arts Program, Saskatoon, majoring in clay and soapstone. She is a member of Carfac and a juried member of Saskatchewan Crafts Council.

Her “Saskatchewan Folks” and commissioned pieces, all unique, have travelled Canada to the homes of visitors.

In the summer of 2020, Sandy was honoured to have a show at the Shurniak Gallery of Assiniboia.

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