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Creating this Website

Creating this website felt like creating a work of art – and that is exactly what we feel this website has become as we share the stories of Yvette Moore, her family and all the artisans we showcase in our incredible historical building. Take your time as you browse through all the pages and especially the videos of 11 of our artisans as they welcome us all into their studios and display the passion of what makes them create their works, tell their stories. With the support of Tourism Saskatchewan, we feel that we have accomplished what we were striving for – to educate our viewers about the creative space that our artisans live and breath in as they passionately hand make their works of art.


Jaymin Stewart

Jaymin (Holoien) Stewart was first introduced to the art of making leather jewelry in 2012. Her Aunty Sheryl Johnson, from Nelson, BC, mentored her during the summer of 2012 and passed on her art and knowledge of the making bracelets. She brought this knowledge back to Saskatchewan with her and started making them as a hobby—here and there for friends, family and for herself. She now works from home in her workshop located in Moose Jaw, SK.

Throughout the past several years, Jaymin has been building her business and now has her sought-after bracelets in several different locations throughout Saskatchewan. Jaymin’s work is one of a kind: ensuring every piece is uniquely created. Each piece of Jaymin’s work is completed with her signature “j”—which is hidden on every bracelet she creates.

She stands by her policy of free repairs, and gift exchanges to be sure every customer not only wears their Shades of Jay piece—but loves their unique creation.

The Gallery Collection is designed specifically for Yvette Moore Gallery and features exquisite features with our customers in mind.

Enjoy this creative catalogue of work by Shadesofjay.

As unique, one-of-a kind art pieces, selection is ever-changing and guaranteed availability may not be immediate.  Art items that appear without a price are currently not available in store.  Yvette Moore Gallery and our artists work closely together to recreate custom creations.

Call (306) 693-7600 or text (306) 527-7257 for a virtual viewing of current options and availability.

Sizes range from 6 inches to 8.5+ inches.

Prices range from $45.00 – $135.00.

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