Yvette’s Story

Yvette Moore’s passion for detail and artistic realism has adorned the walls and inspired the memories of collectors from around the world.  Her articulate style gracefully tells the stories of the prairies through her portrayals of the life, the people, and the surroundings that make Saskatchewan such a rich and fulfilling place to live and grow.

Yvette was born and raised on her family farm in the rural community of Radville, Saskatchewan.  Her career as an artist began in her early years when she developed an appreciation and an intrigue in the details surrounding her.  Growing up on a farm cultivated an understanding of the way things work, evolve and grow—giving Yvette a unique style of hyper-realism of details often overlooked or taken for granted in everyday life.

As a mother of four, Yvette began painting as a hobby, and later expanded her talents into a full-time career.  In 1986, Yvette moved to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where she pursued her education with a diploma in Architectural Engineering Technology and went to work in the field.  After one year and the successful release of her first Limited Edition print, “Playtime Melody,” Yvette turned her passion into her profession.  With over forty years of painting behind her, Yvette continues to inspire and evoke the emotions of audiences with her captivating images that tell the stories of the prairies.  Her precise detail has been described to make you homesick for the prairies, even if you have never been there.

Yvette’s first illustrated book, A Prairie Alphabet (Tundra Books, Montreal, 1992) gained an unprecedented and unusual success for a book that told the story of the prairies in such a descriptive and vivid art form.  Awarded the prestigious “Mr. Christie’s Book Award” in 1992 for Best Illustration for Children’s Literature in Canada, Yvette quickly gained recognition for her art.  Recently celebrating its 20th Anniversary and hardcover re-release in 2012, A Prairie Alphabet continues to be a bestseller and has captivated audiences around the world.

Following the success of A Prairie Alphabet, Yvette illustrated two other widely acclaimed books with author Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet:  A Prairie Year (Tundra Books, Montreal, 1994) and Heartland—A Prairie Sampler (Tundra Books, Toronto, 2002).   The books have become emblems of Saskatchewan—for those who call it home and for those taking home a prairie souvenir.

In 1999, Yvette acquired the former Land Titles Building, which would become home to The Yvette Moore Gallery.  Within the walls of this 1910 heritage landmark, Yvette brought history to life, restoring the elegance and beauty of a century ago.  With her architectural background, her keen eye for detail and her uncompromising passion for heritage revival, The Yvette Moore Gallery has become an award winning art gallery and sought-after destination for locals and tourists alike.

As President of her company, Yvette remains as hands-on as the connotation implies.  Actively managing day-to-day operations, Yvette periodically even finds time to paint in her studio housed within the Gallery.   Yvette works alongside her son Tyler, whose Custom Framing business resides within the Gallery and who exclusively frames her artwork.  Her youngest daughter Sarah carries out the Communications, Event Design and Food Creations within the Gallery and The Gallery Café.  Following twelve years of building the business with Sales & Marketing expertise, Yvette’s daughter Chantelle has pursued her passion for business retail, opening a luxury children’s boutique.

Yvette’s outstanding efforts and accomplishments have not gone unrecognized through her art and business ventures.  Her dedication and belief in Moose Jaw has never faltered and one of her greatest accomplishments she most cherishes is all four of her children, and all but one of her seven grandchildren call Moose Jaw home.

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