Sue Hunchuk

Prairie born Sue Hunchuk has explored various art mediums throughout her life. The fascination with glass began as a child and has explored its many disciplines starting with stained glass in 1980. The desire to try fusing was always present and in 2004, Sue took her first class and the journey into kilnformed glass began. Traveling to partake in several master classes to further her skill level resulted in being juried into the Saskatchewan Craft Council in 2009.
Sue’s work is represented in several galleries, exhibitions and collaborations. To date, her latest achievement was having her piece “The Farmer’s Rows- Spring” juried into the 2013 Saskatchewan Craft Council’s Touring Exhibition “Dimensions” and was the recipient of the Award of Excellence in Glass.

Kiln formed glass is processed by heating glass in a kiln to produce a desired result. The heated glass can take numerous forms: from flat fusing sheets of glass together to melting it into a mold or sagging sheets over a mold until the glass is the shape wanted.