Claude Morin

“Energy within nature is abounding on the Saskatchewan prairies. I have many fond memories of being on the land with my grandfather as he farmed on the outskirts of Gravelbourg, a French settlement.”

“Early in my life, science was a passion. Later, my artwork evolved out of the integration and interconnectedness I observed in nature. Clay became my medium of choice, as it more closely represents the archetypes of earth’s ancestral beginnings and transformations.”

Claude Morin is a Ceramist from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. As of late, Claude’s artistic study has been the transformative effects of wood fire on form. Wood fired pieces are highly dependent on the clay body and the will of the fire. Some of the factors at play are surface treatment, exposure to the flame, placement in the kiln and the wind. For Claude, the resulting surface patterns and flashing represent nature. When the kiln is opened, the transformation remains mysterious—the ash deposit and trapped carbon creating textures in which for Claude, is a spiritual ancestral process. Each piece is slow to reveal its unity and unique beauty. Through his work, Claude aspires to explore and further understand the flow of nature which constantly represents interaction and relationship. As Claude himself describes it, “it is my sources of elation and contemplation.”

Claude attended the Metchosin Summer School of the Arts in British Columbia and Medalta, in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Claude made his television debuts on Radio Canada’s art shows Zigzag (2006) and C’est ça la vie (2012).

Claude’s work has been exhibited in numerous local Saskatchewan venues. His work has also been shown at the 2009 Cheonju International Craft Biennale, Cheonju, South Korea; in Québec City; and at the Gora Gallery, Montréal.